"I've been homeschooled ever since I was in year 2, and before beginning Inventorium, I had little motivation to do my schoolwork, which made it a struggle to even get started with it in the morning.

But since starting Inventorium, I feel more independent and driven to achieve my very best. I like how personalized Inventorium is. It feels like my program is built up around me and my interests.

As such, I would definitely recommend Inventorium to anyone who is looking for a more flexible way to achieve their SACE."

— Ethan, SACE student with Open Access College


“I used to spend 80% of my time writing lesson plans, and 20% teaching, split across 60 students. Now I spend all my time working with 8 students - it’s real teaching.”

— Natalie Mason, part-time Teacher, Open Access College