Save Your Failing Students


Personal Learning Plans

The Inventorium allows each student to have their own personal learning plan which can be tracked and monitored for progress and pace. This simple mechanism allows you to differentiate student outcomes in a given period of time, so every student can succeed on their own terms.

Adaptable Curriculum

The curriculum is process rather than content based and is mapped to a variety of outcomes at a variety of levels. Students can negotiate their assessment tasks against the given qualification rubrics. This allows you to adapt the curriculum to students interests, ensuring they remain engaged.

Freedom to Teach

Because the Inventorium replaces the text book and delivers the ‘flipped classroom’, your time is freed up to teach rather than develop lesson plans. Teachers are allocated students rather than subjects and work with those students on an individual basis (1:20 full time teaching load), becoming the teacher that the student remembers for the rest of their days.


Professional Development and Support

The Inventorium has a full online professional development section for teachers, starting with a basic ‘how to use the system’ element, through to a full postgraduate module on ‘Teaching Through Technology’. Completion of this module gives teachers a unit of the Torrens University Masters of Education (Innovation and Change) if they wish to complete it.

In addition, the Inventorium has a Teacher Support Partner who is employed purely to support teachers in their use of the platform and curriculum, and can be contacted directly by teachers at any time.


Time for change

It’s time to stop spending your time on an administrative treadmill; time to stop being hostage to a timetable and bell; time to stop being focussed on prescribed outcomes; time to stop being an automaton churning out the same old lesson year after year.

The Inventorium is the first platform and system that allows you to work in a completely student centered manner, negotiating assessments to achieve qualification outcomes, and personalising the learning journey to each students’ needs. It is supported with mapping processes that remove a lot of the administrative burden. Being fully online allows for reports to be generated at the push of a button, and tracking occurs down to the minute, never mind the lesson. Work is stored in a student’s portfolio online so it doesn’t get lost, and can be continually improved and updated to the point of submission to an examination board.

The Inventorium transfers the experience of learning - are you ready to deliver it?


Be the Teacher your students remember