What do you hate about school?


Wrong pace

“I sit in my maths or science lessons and within 10 minutes I’m lost - and I sit there for the next 50 minutes feeling like a failure.”

Can you relate to this? You’re not a failure! It’s crazy to think that everyone will learn the same amount in an allocated period of time. We all have subjects we are better at.

Wrong place

“I hear the bell and know that I am going to be stuck in a classroom for the next 55 minutes. I panic, feel trapped and just have to get out.”

Can you relate to this? The restrictive nature of the school timetable and day can cause anxiety for some people - they feel trapped.

Wrong subjects

“I’m expected to spend all my time studying things that I’m so not interested in. It’s boring and I don’t see the point of it.”

Can you relate to this? It’s not that you’re not interested in anything - it’s just that you’re not interested in what you’re being taught. You’d love to study other things; things that matter to you.

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Pick your own pathway

The Inventorium has been designed to bridge the gap between qualifications and what you want to do next. It develops your 21st century work skills to develop your employability, or prepare you for self-employment, or for University or TAFE. You can gain your high school certificate, focussing on the areas you want to focus on and preparing yourself for ‘what next’.


Be Yourself

Negotiate a personal learning plan to suit your interests and aspirations; study in a pattern that suits your life commitments; personal tutor support to focus on your future development; and an online platform to allow you access outside of school hours.


Own Your Future