Worried about your children’s future directions and choices?

Every child is different - not just yours


Different pace

Every child learns differently. They find some areas easier and some areas harder. Some have specific learning difficulties; others get anxious when under too much pressure. The Inventorium caters for every student’s needs allowing them to negotiate the pace and outcomes individually with their teacher. Students also negotiate their assessments in terms of how they will meet the assessment criteria rather than this being given to them.


Different interests

Many teenagers are disengaging from school because they cannot see the relevance of what they are learning, and they are not interested in the subject content. The Inventorium allows the students to choose the focus of their studies to keep them engaged, prepare for their chosen future, and allow them to differentiate themselves with specialist knowledge and experience that interests them.


Different futures

The Inventorium aims to prepare every student for their chosen future, whether that is employment, self-employment, a trade apprenticeship or further study at University. It develops the 21st century skills outlined in the research on the future of work to ensure that students are able to adapt to future changes in labour force requirements because they have the resilience, communication skills and ability to innovate to continually stay in the driving seat of their future.


If you find yourself home schooling because your child has become a school refuser for whatever reason, we can help.

We offer SACE through Open Access College as a fully online, state funded education offering, particularly aimed at home schoolers and school refusers.

Alternatively, if you want your child to stay in their current school, you can approach your school Principal and ask them to teach the Inventorium where they are currently enrolled. We’re happy to work with them in doing this.


100% retention rate with home schoolers studying SACE through Open Access College