Would your customers benefit from ongoing access to a support site?

Be ‘Always Available’.


Help them find solutions

If you work in an industry that your customers struggle to understand, be it banking, electricals, health and fitness, etc - the Inventorium can develop a bespoke customer education site for you to allow you to be the number one point of reference in your industry. Everyone loves a free education!

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Help them get started

Often new customers abandon a product or service provision because they cannot get started, or cannot get the product or service to work for them. They are too busy to go back to where they bought it from, so just give up. What if you could provide a go to reference that beats YouTube?


Issue them certificates

Reward your customers for becoming expert in your product or service by issuing your own micro-credential certificates. Help people become experts in small chunks of industry knowledge to empower them to talk about your product and service with others.