The Education System is Broken: Stop Putting Bandages on a Corpse!

We’ve moved beyond the industrial era but continue to educate children for the past. Our school system, designed for the 19th century, has witnessed little real change as we’ve accelerated into the 21st century. Rather than embrace societal changes, and emerging technological opportunities and advancements, schools are more inclined to exclude them. The result has been a decline in the relevance of schooling, equivalent to a generation of Australian school children falling short of their full learning potential.


Which groups do you encounter?

Research identifies 4 clear groups of students. Only the academic achievers are benefiting in the current school system, and even then the benefit is only apparent if they progress to University, as they are not being prepared for employment. The current education system is broken, yet we continue to ‘put bandages on a corpse’.


“We need to shift from a provider-centered system to a learner- and employer-centered system. A successful future would be providers operating across a network that workers, young people and employers can access at every stage of their lives, so they can build the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.”

— Business Council of Australia (2018) Future-Proof Australia’s post-secondary education and skills system.  Melbourne: Business Council of Australia.