A Selection Tool


Talent Pool Insight and Differentiation

Selection is about being able to differentiate between staff, so you can select the best candidates for the most suitable assignments. Gathering an evidence base on which to base these selection decisions should be an on-going endeavour so an organisation has the evidence available prior to needing it. Self-managed staff portfolios allow employees to build a portfolio of evidence to support promotion or assignment applications prior to requirements, and allow the organisation to monitor who is engaged in which areas of learning and development of their own choice, gaining an insight into their talent pool.

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Selection Projects

Many organisations are now advertising that they will recruit their talent from a wider pool than that of ‘graduates’. But what will you use as your selection criteria? The Inventorium can be used to support the completion of group projects to allow you to see how potential recruits work together, contribute, develop themselves, and engage with each other, with and through technology, to gain insight into their performance while completing a ‘live’ project task.


Improve your odds

Develop a compilation of selection evidence on a continuous basis.